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At Oren’s Services, we pride ourselves on being the premier heating and air conditioning contractors in the Oakland area, providing the best commercial and residential air conditioning and heating repairs to our clients.

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Air Duct Installation and Cleaning

At Oren’s Services, we are a full-service HVAC and ductwork company, providing fabrication, installation, and repair services for all of your air duct needs. When ductwork is corroded or installed poorly, you could be paying a lot more in heating and cooling costs than necessary. In addition to the hundreds of extra dollars you could be paying, leaky ducts can also contaminate your indoor air with toxins, dust, and mold, all of which can pose a major health hazard.

In addition to installing new air duct systems, we can also clean your existing ductwork, especially when the following factors are present:

  • Pests have infested a portion of the ductwork
  • You have seen the presence of mold growth in your heating ducts or HVAC system
  • Your ductwork is being logged by excessive amounts of debris or dust

In addition to improving the efficiency of your HVAC system, cleaning your ductwork may also benefit allergy sufferers by improving indoor air quality. Contact us today to schedule your ductwork service appointment.

Air Duct Installation and Cleaning


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