gutters cleaning

"Our professional Gutter Cleaning uniformed team undergoes extensive training to comply with current health and safety legislation together with current codes of practice, always delivering on...


carpet cleaning

"Oren Carpet Cleaning enhances the beauty of your home, and helps promote a healthy, dust-free environment. The dry soil found in carpets causes light to reflect differently, and give carpets a dull appearance. "


Dryer Vent

"Once the weather turns cold and the heat kicks on, your home starts to get dry and static electricity arrives once again. This minor neglect that causes siblings to shock each other for fun can actually be dangerous if "


about us

"We are a family business serving the bay area more then 10 years providing the cleaning services such as attic cleaning, carpet cleaning, gutters cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning. We have combined all these services during the years in business as we aware to our long term clients, all of the above are needed services to maintain your house and keep it clean and efficient"


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    • Service was great!  I thought my beige carpet would never look clean again, and now it’s like new!  I had tried all kinds of spot cleaners to no avail for wax drips and food spills, but they got it right out.  Perfect if your messy roommates or your kids just moved out and you want […]

      —CJ R. Oakland, CA

    • Oren’s is great carpet care.  We found them while moving out of our last apartment.  We needed a sort of magic job done to ensure our full deposit’s return.  And one of our neighbors have used them many times over the last couple years.  They recommended Oren’s quickly. I have to say, they were on […]

      —Steven W. San Francisco, CA